Specchi di carne e cesellatura musicale

Limiti della creatività computazionale tra corpo e coscienza

  • Mattia Merlini
  • Stefano Nicoletti


In this paper, we present a critical stance towards what we call 'strong' conceptions of computational creativity (CC): after discarding theories that uphold the possibility of fully replicating the human mind – creativity included – through computational models, we will employ 'weak' conceptions of CC to investigate how our creativity works and how 'art' is shaped in its meaning and richness. We will then sketch four 'issues' paired to four arguments that bring the human back into the game of CC, focusing on the role played respectively by the individual's place in society, subjective experience, corporeality, and consciousness in the creative process. Focusing mainly on the latter two, we will present extensive arguments rooted in (post-)phenomenology and neuroscience, factoring stances that belong to semiotics and anthropology/archaeology of material culture.