Un-Übersetzbarkeit von Emotionen in Phraseologismen

Einige Beispiele aus dem Deutschen und Italienischen

  • Valentina Schettino


Emotions - as core elements of our life experience - play a crucial role in every interactionand consequently in every verbal utterance. In addition, emotions are closely related to culture. This study examines the relationship between emotion expression and cultural background. Specifically, the question of how emotions are lexically expressed in different languages ​​is investigated. The discussion will focus on idiomatic expressions, i.e. phrases whose semantic and syntacticconnection cannot be explained by means of lexical properties only. These language units, whichare particularly relevant from a cultural perspective because of their often metaphorical meaningand their pragmatic weight, pose a major challenge in the translation phase. For this reason, phraseologic expression of emotions across languages has become a urgent research topic. In thispaper, German and Italian idiomatic expressions are analyzed and translation strategies focussingon semantics and pragmatics are proposed.