Essaying-in-philosophy as an ephexis in decision

Keywords: Ephexis, Laruelle, Non-Philosophy, Philosophical Decision, Form, Style, Art, Tragedy, Systematicity, Essay, Aphorism, Nietzsche, Pragmatism, Russian Formalism, ostranenie, defamiliarization, estrangement, Shklovsky, Deleuze, rhizome, Diffraction, Democracy of all thought, epoché, Philosophy and Literature, Philosophy and Philology, de-colonisation


I propose that the essay is an extended aphorism or a plurality of aphorisms coming together, and that both the essay as a form and the essayistic style within other forms (fictional and non-fictional ones, e.g. the treatise, and the novel) are to be understood as an Ephexisof/in (philosophical) decision.


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