Hegel nell’opera di Dostoevskij

Coscienza scettica, coscienza infelice e nichilismo

  • Alice Gonzi Société d'Etudes B. Fondane


The topic of Hegel’s influence on Dostoevskij's work is debated and its conclusion uncertain. This text Does not aim to solve it and to come to a definitive solution. Its purpose is to present, briefly, the various positions on the subject. It can be affirmed that, if there was influence, it is a background influence, essentially indirect and mediated. But the opportunity of a parallel relationship between the two authors seems to emerge. Both start from a common core: reason, its powers, its limits, its extreme consequences. But, from this conceptual node, their paths diverge both in style and area of relevance (which is evident: Hegel is a philosopher, Dostoevskij a novelist), in development and conclusions. The purpose of this paper is to pursue a parallel confrontation following the themes of the relationship between idealism and nihilism and the autonomy and hypostatization of reason and the ego.