Il ruolo dell'arte dopo il suo "passato" nella Ästhetik di Hegel

Commento a P. Kottman

  • Elena Romagnoli Scuola Normale


This paper aims to analyse the main consequences emerging from Kottman’s main thesis – namely, that the pastness of art is internal to art itself – in order to better explain the role of art after its past in Hegel’s Aesthetics.Firstly, I aim to discuss the position of art in the system with respect to the two other forms of the Absolute Spirit, Religion and Philosophy. Secondly, I intend to analyse the system of art itself, considering how the specific forms of art relate to one another: in particular, I want to discuss the claim of the primacy of drama over picture in the modern word. Finally, I will elaborate on Kottman’s assertion that the pastness of art must be backdated to the period of Shakespeare’s dramas. Maintaining Shakespeare’s relevance, I want to expand on this question in order to consider Hegel’s philosophical milieu, in particular his attention to Schiller.    


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