«Senza fissa dimora»: pensare la metafora tra ontologia ed estetica

Commento a M. de Beistegui

  • Emilia Marra Università degli studi di Trieste


Although the role of metaphor seems, by definition, to be confined to the field of rhetoric and poetry, Miguel de Beistegui argues, in his Aesthetics After Metaphysics. From Mimesis to Metaphor, that it could be thought, on the contrary, as the central operation of aesthetics. Starting from Beistegui’s mains references, this essay aims to show how he progressively de-constructs the opposition between concept and metaphor, reaching a whole new conception of metaphor more similar to a pragmatics rather than a rhetorical artifice. Through Beistegui’s reflection the hypothesis of the ontology of arts could be probed as a threshold not only between ontology and aesthetics, but also between psychanalysis and aesthetics.